We  have been raising Alpacas on the farm since 2004. Our small herd gives us much joy and fabulous fiber. We also raise two Angora Goats, Clover and Blossom, for their mohair fiber, which we use to blend with alpaca fiber.

Blossom and Clover- The Angora Goats

Pampered by us each morning and evening at the Alpaca Palace, each alpaca has a name and a unique personality. Each one is curious and gentle. Cowboy and Gus are clowns and like to meet you at the gate. Theodore, Geoff, Oliver, and Simon follow closely behind and patiently wait for their hay. Indiana Jones helps with the hay feeding to speed things up! Ranger prefers his own quiet company to hanging out with the guys!Rosie adores children and is always ready to say hello to any visitors. Betsy, Rosie’s Mom, follows closely behind always on the lookout for a treat. Giselle and Lolita take in the action from a safe distance.

“I think I have something stuck in my tooth,” said Rosie

Our fiber and yarn offerings for knitting, crocheting, handspinning, and felting vary from year to year…making it limited and one of a kind. We determine the best use for the fiber on an individual basis.

We process alpaca alone, alpaca with a percentage of local wool, or alpaca with our mohair. We also blend two or more alpaca colors together to give a different look and a larger lot size. The majority of our yarns and rovings are natural colors. We hand dye or paint fiber or skeins in small batches; usually 1/2 – 1 pound,  using natural or eco-friendly dyes. The colors of nature – plants, flowers, sky ,and  animals inspire us to create original color ways. We let our imagination run wild. The white yarn is offered for those who would like to dye their own.

I’m coming, Don’t rush me!

Alpacas, members of the Camelid family are originally from the Andes Mountains. They have a very thick fleece to provide protection from the harsh mountain climate. We raise our alpacas for their fiber which is prized by handspinners and knitters. There are 22 natural colors; we have black, charcoal, whites and browns. Each Alpaca gives us between 3 and 6 lbs of fiber once a year.

We either millspin or handspin our fiber. Millspinning is done by family farms as close to home as possible. We also offer local sheep wool from farmers in Dutchess County.

Samples can be mailed upon request. E-mail [email protected].

For more information, call 845-266-3680 or email [email protected].


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