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Hahn Farm LLC – Est. 1798


This farm has been in the family since 1798. We have tilled its soil and been stewards of the land for centuries. The 7th, and 8th generations are currently continuing to do so.


[box] Hahn Farm LLC was honored at New Horizons 20th Annual Community Leadership breakfast in October 2015. Hahn Farm was awarded this honor in recognition of successful businesses, families and professionals who go the extra mile in giving back to the community.[/box]

[box] Hahn Farm LLC was presented with a Bicentennial  Award by the Governor in 2012. Hahn Farm was recognized at the annual Ag Day Event in Millbrook in 2013.[/box]


Hahn Farm LLC is a year round working farm. Originally a dairy farm, 30 years ago Tom Hahn began diversifying in anticipation of the trends to come. The farm began producing more hay, raising beef cattle, and Christmas Trees. Due to Tom’s foresight of agri-entertainment, the farm started a fall festival for families wanting to pick a pumpkin and visit for the day. Our farm has grown steadily each year from producing hay for the numerous horse/sheep farms in Dutchess County, to our outstanding beef, Poultry & Pork retail store, to the ever growing fall festival. We farm over 500 acres: 65 Field Corn, 10 Sweet corn, 30 Pumpkins and various fall crops, 350 Grass hay, 50 Alfalfa hay, 300 various tomato plants; which are planted in two hoop houses, 3 acres of Spring and Summer Vegetables, 8 acres of Christmas trees and 60 acres for the pasture of our cattle, sheep, hogs and chickens. We are also a charter member of Hudson Valley Fresh.

Hahn family members are also big dog lovers! We currently have 5 dogs. We have 1 Yellow Lab named Sam. He can usually be spotted most mornings waiting patiently for a sip of coffee. We also have a chocolate lab named Bailey. Bailey has been captured several times in the Poughkeepsie Journal with Tom. Then there is Jack, who is a Springer Spaniel. We call him the magic dog because he seems to repel dirt. His sister, Bella who is a small Staffordshire Terrier is usually not far behind Jack. Then there is our cattle dog Zoe. Zoe is a Blue Heeler Australian Shepard. Her favorite hobby is rounding up the goats and riding on the John Deere Gators.


Our Alpacas

Group #3We have been raising Alpacas on the farm since 2007. Our small herd gives us much joy and fabulous fiber. We also raise two Angora Goats, Clover and Blossom, for their mohair fiber, which we use to blend with alpaca fiber.
Pampered by us each morning and evening at the Alpaca Palace, each alpaca has a name and a unique personality. Each one is curious and gentle.

Cowboy and Gus are clowns and like to meet you at the gate.
Theodore, Geoff, Oliver, and Simon follow closely behind and patiently wait for their hay.
Indiana Jones helps with the hay feeding to speed things up!
Ranger prefers his own quiet company to hanging out with the guys!
Rosie adores children and is always ready to say hello to any visitors.
Betsy, Rosie’s Mom, follows closely behind always on the lookout for a treat.
Giselle and Lolita take in the action from a safe distance.

Cream Lolita (2)Our fiber and yarn offerings for knitting, crocheting, handspinning, and felting vary from year to year…making it limited and one of a kind. We determine the best use for the fiber on an individual basis.
We process alpaca alone, alpaca with a percentage of local wool, or alpaca with our mohair. We also blend two or more alpaca colors together to give a different look and a larger lot size. The majority of our yarns and rovings are natural colors. We hand dye or paint fiber or skeins in small batches; usually 1/2 – 1 pound, using natural or eco-friendly dyes. The colors of nature – plants, flowers, sky ,and animals inspire us to create original color ways. We let our imagination run wild. The white yarn is offered for those who would like to dye their own.
Samples can be mailed upon request. E-mail [email protected] – or shop our farm store here

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